Sustainable Development

With a wealth of experience in Asia, SHG Group has been developing for the past twenty years a certain number of activities all of which can be traced back to the philosophy of the Chinese Martial Arts tradition.

Through its Martial Arts school, SHG is actively contributing to the creation of charities, risk management counseling, individual and asset protection with its partner company, IAS8.

Looking back at 2020, we should strive to use this experience as a learning process, and even as a warning. We all witnessed how Nature reasserted its place once our economic activity came to a halt. 2021 must be, for all of us, a pivotal year during which we should strengthen and develop our company in a responsible manner, taking into consideration our environment and the future of our kind.


SHG and its chairwoman naturally wish to participate in that endeavor. According to her, China and Southeast Asia constitute examples to be followed in that aspect, representing an opportunity for many Westerners and non-Asian companies, big and small. SHG’s wide range of activities makes it naturally an actor.



Sustainable development represents a conception of development or growth that emphasizes the long term, by integrating environmental and social constraints into economic thinking. As SHG understands it, and in accordance with the definition given in the report of the World Commission on Environment and Development, says the Brundtland Report, which coined the term in 1987, "sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs ". Master Kong, also known as Confucius (孔子), along with his main disciples, called the Twelve Philosophers, were already teaching in 479 BC. AD sustainable development and balance in the following works: the Book of Changes, or Yi Jing (易经), and the Annals of Spring and Autumn (春秋 (麟 經).

In the West, this idea took root as a result of a gradual awareness of the finite aspect of the earth's environment that began in the 1970s, highlighting long-term limitations. Sustainable development, however, has its detractors, such as degrowth advocates who in the West this idea took root as a result of a gradual awareness of the finite aspect of Earth's environment that began in the West. the 1970s, highlighting long-term limitations. However, sustainable development has its detractors, such as those in favor of degrowth who consider that this concept remains too closely linked to this other concept, economic growth; other critics point out that it represents an obstacle to further growth.


SHG wishes to maintain its consulting, risk management and training activities within Martial Arts with a double perspective: to promote personal development through the practice of Martial Arts while contributing to economic development that preserves the health of the humanity.


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